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We deliver award-winning software, services and analytics to the world’s most agile hedge funds and asset managers.


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What is Enfusion?

Enfusion is a leading global provider of investment management software solutions and services. Built with vision, Enfusion ignites growth and turbocharges efficiency.

Our award winning, cloud-based software unites front-to-back office through one data set, enabling a real-time enterprise-wide data view. Enfusion Visual Analytics mines this data, delivering clear business drivers. Enfusion Managed Services leverages these drivers by maximizing resources.

Enfusion’s offices are in Chicago, IL New York, London, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, São Paulo, and Mumbai.

Our journey started when developers Tarek Hammoud, Stephen Malherbe and Scott Werner met working at large hedge funds. They vowed to simplify financial technology infrastructure. In 2006, they conceived Enfusion as a Portfolio Management System, later adding a dual sided General Ledger and an Execution and Order Management System.

The system wasn’t seamless, it was seam-free, built on one golden dataset; a pioneering approach to uniting front-to-back office.

Enfusion’s story is one of evolution. Our platform is built to adapt, flex and grow. Today, it is guided by hundreds of innovative technologists, developers, financial experts and service professionals.

We’re committed to excellence in partnerships, excellence in product development and excellence in performance.

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