November 3, 2020 | Resources

FUTUREPROOF: State of the Cloud

Cloud Usage and Sentiment Among Hedge Fund Managers

In this first chapter of our FUTUREPROOF report, we examine the state of the cloud among hedge fund managers.

The concept of the cloud has existed since the earliest days of computing, and in the last 25 years cloud-based solutions have gained traction among the majority of hedge fund managers. Where do things stand today, and what role will the cloud play in the future?

To determine the state of the cloud, we’ve surveyed 56 hedge fund managers across multiple geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies to understand current industry opinions, trends, and sentiments.

Read on to learn about the benefits cloud-based firms have experienced, the barriers keeping on-prem managers wary of cloud migration, and where managers think the industry’s infrastructure choices are heading.

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