Partnering with Hedge Funds

Agile Evolution

At the heart of Enfusion’s platform lies agile evolution. We enable investment management firms to scale without the need to upgrade their technology solution. Updated weekly, our software features comprehensive financial product coverage and is underpinned by a nimble team of technologists and developers, making Enfusion a strategic partner for growth.

For Fund Managers

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Discover how new and growing funds managers are scaling their operations.

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WHY hedge funds choose Enfusion

Convert With Ease

An institutional quality system, Enfusion is built on one dataset, boosting transparency and connecting workflow from front-to-back office with one real-time view. Our native asset class coverage enables firms to take Analyst and PM ideas and turn them rapidly into opportunities. We eliminate the conversion headache with our turn-key solution, high-touch onboarding and smooth third-party integration.


Discover how our integrated front-to-back software supports consistent workflow, reduces manual work and flexes to scale.


Deploy our Managed Services team to boost operational resource, tackling middle office and back office functions.


Exploit our Enfusion Visual Analytics to access actionable and meaningful insight from your data.

our strategic partners

Enfusion was built with superb logic

CONFIDENTIAL*  Texas, AUM +$250m

*Our client quotes are 100% true, just like our confidentiality promise to them

Enfusion is utterly material to how our day to day workflow and trades work. An engine that helps us move forward every day


*Our client quotes are 100% true, just like our confidentiality promise to them

It may sound simple stupid, but if you can’t count all your cash, and know where all you cash is, and what it sits against, accurately and in real time, it’s a disaster

CONFIDENTIAL*  Singapore, AUM +$1b

*Our client quotes are 100% true, just like our confidentiality promise to them


Why Hedge funds choose us

Enter new markets

Adjust to fee pressure and higher costs with our native multi-asset class coverage.


Smooth workflow and boost productivity

Eliminate manual reconciliations and automate compliance. Reinforce your operations team with Enfusion Managed Services.

Integrate seamlessly

Achieve frictionless integration with third party vendors and data providers.

Reduce infrastructure

Avoid support-intensive systems and negate costly installs with our cloud-based software.

Have a customized view

 Mimic your accounts, fund structures, custodians and brokers through our adaptable custom options.

Maximize your data

Know your data is one single source of truth. Leverage data insights with Enfusion Visual Analytics.


$2b fund migrates from in-house technology infrastructure

Large Hedge Fund managing over $2 billion with a Value-Oriented Event-Driven Opportunistic Credit and Equity Fund trading credit, equities, CDS, treasuries, swaps, futures, options, FX and bank loans.


experienced partnerships

Turn-key solution to scale

We eradicate disjointed workflow giving you data you can trust in one integrated, turn-key solution. Enfusion is the key to frictionless scale.

Strength In Our Numbers

Constantly growing


Technology staff

Increase in our technology and developer headcount in the last 3 years


Customer support staff

Increase in implementation and customer support staff in the last 3 years


R&D spend

Year over year increased spend on research & development