Portfolio Management

Enfusion’s portfolio management software helps asset managers of all types and sizes cohesively combine portfolio management, trade order execution, risk management and a general ledger in one cloud native system.

Portfolio Management System

Nimbly respond to markets and generate alpha

With full multi-asset class coverage, Enfusion gives portfolio managers a live view into their portfolio, enabling their team to track order positioning and execution, positions, and P&L in real time.

Working with one golden data set, portfolio managers can automate manual workflows, improve time from idea to trade, and reduce their total cost of ownership. Innovative applications that are synchronized across workstation, web and mobile ensures information flows and productivity tools are always available when needed.

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Why portfolio managers choose us

Full Asset Class Support

Both Cash and Derivative support for Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, Structured, Commodities, FX, Bank Debt and Hybrids.

Real-time Monitors

Gain the ability to slice and dice portfolio data in real-time across > 4,000+ columns, covering P&L, exposures, cash flows, interest, etc.

Automated Security Master Updates

Fully maintained Security Master with over four million instruments, associated corporate actions and prices

Position Management  

Position Transfers between brokers and funds; Multiple P&L and cash impact preservation options; Workflow and process automation for FX forward rolls, swap resets
and option life-cycle

Transaction-based Portfolio Aggregation

Warehouses all historical transactions; Rapid calculation
of P&L and risk exposures for any period of time; Listens and publishes any accounting or exposure changes in real-time; Fully audited transaction history

Holding Level Financing

Calculate accruals and cash flows for financing related trades; Swaps,
CFD, Stock Borrows/Loans and Repurchase Agreements. Multiple conventions are supported for proper handling of settle dates of cash flows; FX P&L is fully accounted for

Granular P&L Calculations

Trading Realized/Unrealized, Accrued, Interest, Fees, Commissions, Withholding Taxes and FX P&L are fully exposed for detailed reporting

Fees, Commissions and Taxes

Calculate trade commissions and fees based on client specific fee schedule; Dividend and Interest tax withholding calculations based on client specific schedules

Tax Lot Management

Supports multiple lot relief methods (LIFO, FIFO, Min Short-term Gain, and Tax efficient methodologies); P&L tracked at individual lot level

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WHY Asset Managers choose Enfusion

A flexible foundation to ignite growth

The leading choice for asset managers, Enfusion provides the flexible foundations for future growth, removing the need for funds to upgrade solutions as their strategy evolves. Cloud-based and multi asset, our software allows firms to enter new markets with ease. An institutional quality system, Enfusion is built on one dataset, boosting transparent control with one real-time, firm-wide view.

A solution designed to power productivity from anywhere

Enfusion meets the needs of a workforce that is no longer tied to an office workstation. Enfusion’s web and mobile applications extend the benefits of its portfolio management system by ensuring critical information and functionality are always within reach. Easily retrieve crucial information, workflows and desktop-generated reports to quickly escalate, action and respond – all safely and securely.


Discover how our integrated front-to-back software supports consistent workflow, reduces manual work and flexes to scale.


Deploy our Managed Services team to reinforce operational resource, allowing you to focus on front office revenue generation.


Exploit our Enfusion Visual Analytics to access actionable and meaningful insight from your data.

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