Portfolio Monitoring

Enfusion’s investment management software helps hedge funds and asset managers cohesively combine portfolio management, order management, order execution, risk management and a general ledger in one fully integrated, cloud-based system.

Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting

Painless anytime-anywhere access to real-time, historical and custom reporting across all business units

With Enfusion’s unified investment management system, managers can get a customized suite of portfolio monitors and reports, with on-demand views of live and historic data that help you make better decisions, faster – all easily accessible and synchronized across our workstation, web and mobile applications.

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Why asset managers choose us

Extensive Functional Coverage

A holistic real-time reporting framework that covers all aspects of the system (e.g. P&L, Exposures, Counterparty, General Ledger); Views are entirely customizable per client preference; Users can designate reports as private or share the reports with other users within the firm

Single Data Set/Consistency

The OEMS, PMS, Risk and Accounting features of the system all leverage a single comprehensive data set for a client; Live and historical views on demand; Integrated database updated in real time


Allow multiple hierarchical groups with different column detail at each level; Custom column summation rules, filtering and formatting at each level; Powerful drill down capability


Compare performance against a benchmark; Time series reporting

Unlimited Customization

Custom tagging or Sectors, Risk Countries etc.; Slice and dice portfolio across > 4,000 columns; Dynamic hierarchy and custom attribute tagging; Customize views to each user’s exact specifications


New columns can be quickly programmed to extend reporting functionality beyond out-of-the-box columns

Intuitive User Experience

Quickly design new reports; Export and consume data with ease via Excel add-in, rest API, FTP or email. Easily access reports across devices with Enfusion web and mobile applications.

Scheduling & Delivery

Once constructed, reports can be easily viewed via Enfusion’s secure web or mobile applications, and/or delivered to a variety of sources including Email and FTP; A variety of export formats are supported – PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, etc.

Web-based API  

Stored reports can be accessed ad hoc using a simple, HTTP based API; Excel add-in to create customized dashboards

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WHY Asset Managers choose Enfusion

A flexible foundation to ignite growth

The leading choice for asset managers, Enfusion provides the flexible foundations for future growth, removing the need for funds to upgrade solutions as their strategy evolves. Cloud-based and multi asset, our software allows firms to enter new markets with ease. An institutional quality system, Enfusion is built on one dataset, boosting transparent control with one real-time, firm-wide view.

Monitor your investment performance from anywhere

Enfusion meets the needs of a workforce that is no longer tied to an office workstation, with web and mobile applications that ensure that the information and reports that are crucial for decision making are always easy to retrieve and synchronized across devices


Discover how our integrated front-to-back software supports consistent workflow, reduces manual work and flexes to scale.


Deploy our Managed Services team to reinforce operational resource, allowing you to focus on front office revenue generation.


Exploit our Enfusion Visual Analytics to access actionable and meaningful insight from your data.

Strength In Our Numbers

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