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Proactively monitor the accuracy of trades, positions, and cash balances across counterparties using Enfusion’s innovative Reconciliation functionality. Including automated data collection from Prime Brokers, Custodians, FCM’s, OTC Counterparties, and Fund Administrators, Enfusion functions as a one-stop-shop for break resolution. Customizable matching rules and break tolerances enable exception-based workflows for increasing efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

3rd party integrations

Daily reconciliations provided to clients

Key Features

T+1 Reconciliation

Automated reconciliation engine that matches Trades, Positions, P&L and Cash balances; Rules and tolerances are customized per client requirements

Exception Reports

Clearly display full matches, matches with some differences or mismatches between internal and external sources

Counterparty Agnostic

Perform reconciliation with multiple sources – Internal vs Prime Broker, Internal vs Fund administrator or Internal vs OTC counterparties

Fully Automated

Data Collection (Secure FTP/SFTP), Cleansing, Aggregation and Normalization

Flexible Delivery

Emailed to client based on a pre-determined schedule or accessible using the online reporting system

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