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Enfusion software cohesively combines portfolio management, trade execution, risk management and general ledger in one fully integrated, cloud-based system. We connect investment and operational decision making, allowing every single team member to leverage the same insight in real-time, across the entire portfolio with work from anywhere access, including web and mobile.

Our Software

Key Features

Front-to-back solution

One integrated system that eliminates boundaries and powers workflow

Real-time portfolio

One enterprise-wide data view in real-time

Work from anywhere

With desktop, web and mobile applications

One golden dataset

Built on one dataset, our software boosts transparency and accuracy

Multi asset class coverage

Enter new markets with ease with comprehensive financial product coverage

For Fund Managers

Investment Operations Resource Center

Discover how new and growing funds managers are scaling their operations.

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End-to-End Solutions

Execution Management

Streamline execution workflow and empower traders with direct FIX connectivity to over 200 brokers, dark pools, execution venues, real-time short locates and customizable order blotters.

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Order Management

Next generation Order Management tool includes industry-leading compliance technology, flexible quantity calculators, intelligent allocation schemes, intuitive rebalancing workflows and access to over 300 broker algos.

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Portfolio Management (IBOR)

At the heart of Enfusion’s front-to-back platform lies our unparalleled Portfolio Management functionality. Featuring trade-based architecture, a pre-populated security master, and comprehensive operational tools, our Portfolio Management solution is the engine that powers Enfusion’s real-time reporting views and calculates critical data points used across accounting, order generation, and risk.

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Valuation and Risk

Featuring transparent, real-time and historical data plus “what-if” scenarios,  Valuation and Risk functionality gives investment managers the tools needed to continue generating alpha for their clients.

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General Ledger Accounting

Our software boasts a proper double-entry General Ledger to produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from its Portfolio Management system. Featuring a full set of financial statements according to U.S. and international accounting standards, user-friendly tools for automating non-trading accruals and expenses.  The General Ledger maintains a complete accounting book of records (ABOR).

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Proactively monitor the accuracy of trades, positions, and cash balances across counterparties using Enfusion’s innovative Reconciliation functionality. Including automated data collection from Prime Brokers, Custodians, FCM’s, OTC Counterparties, and Fund Administrators, our software functions as a one-stop-shop for break resolution. Customizable matching rules and break tolerances enable exception-based workflows for increasing efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

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Portfolio Monitors / Reporting

Clients have anytime-anywhere access, to real-time, historical and custom reporting functionality across all business units.

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Enfusion Experience

Flexible investment management operational solutions for work, home and on-the-move.

Flexible investment management operational solutions for work, home and on-the-move.

Shared Insight

Cross traditional boundaries

Enfusion connects front-to-back office through one real-time data view

  • We eliminate divisions
  • We build visions
  • We fuel ambitions

How it Helps

Key Benefits

See clearer

Connect decision making firm wide. Drive insight with one data view. Build transparency with one golden copy IBOR

Scale faster

Enter new markets with ease. Harness new strategies with native multi asset class coverage

Mitigate risk

Galvanize control with our dual-sided general ledger and real-time P&L.

Streamline process

Put automation on autopilot with our customizable platform

Evolve with us

Change, evolve, grow with our flexible foundations

Anytime-anywhere access

Simplify infrastructure with our cloud-based, zero-technology footprint and accessibility across workstation, web and mobile.

Stay lean

Cost effective, low deployment platform helps firm control costs and reduce total cost of ownership

Be supported

Every client receives a dedicated support team on our 24/6 global support help desk, and a lifetime relationship manager

Frictionless updates

Our cloud-based software updates every 7 days.

You will always have the latest and greatest version of Enfusion’s software. Our multi tenant model means that client ideas become enhancements each week, for all to benefit.

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Our Customers About Enfusion

Enfusion unlocks you from the friction of money, ensuring your data is never trapped.

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