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Enfusion’s software, services and analytics platform powers business functions across front, middle and back office. From trading and compliance to risk and accounting, our comprehensive solution matches needs, workflow and reporting. But more than that, we also unite these departments, eliminating information silos and sharing insight.

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Enfusion is the fastest in the industry at moving a portfolio manager’s investment idea into orders executed in the market.


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Investment Management

Enfusion comprehensively re-balances several portfolios, increases trading speed from investment idea to order and provides flexible reporting which allows users to aggregate or decompose portfolio data by any number of customized dimensions.

Featuring trade based architecture, a fully pre-populated security master, 400+ execution destinations, and over 100+ certified street communications for end-of-day transmission and T+1 reconciliations – Enfusion was built with Traders in mind.

Enfusion’s robust compliance technology ensures business-wide pre & post trade monitoring in real-time with hundreds of pre-populated and customizable valuations covering all instruments, regions, restricted issuers, UCITS, and 40 acts.

A cost-effective operating model with all functionality in a single system,  Enfusion enables firms to eliminate the operational risk of manual processes and automates reconciliations on trades, position and cash balances.

Embedded risk reporting, stress-testing and scenario analysis functionality provide managers with the tools needed to accurately analyze various risk factors in portfolio and accurately hedge different exposures across asset classes, funds, accounts and strategies.

Cloud-based, with zero technology foot-print since 2006, Enfusion is seamlessly updated every week and supported around the clock via Enfusion’s Global Product Consulting team

Enfusion boasts a proper double-entry General Ledger to produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from its Portfolio Management system. Offering a full set of financial statements according to U.S. and international accounting standards, user-friendly tools for automating non-trading accruals and expenses, Enfusion’s General Ledger maintains a complete set of books and records (ABOR).