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Hedgeweek Special Report

Cloud Technology in Focus 2021

Why are asset managers making the switch to cloud-based technology solutions? What are the key considerations they need to think about?


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The future of fund management lies in the cloud

Migrating to the cloud represents a unique, positive opportunity for asset managers to streamline their technology infrastructure, improve efficiency, and enhance data management. Read more to learn how shifting not only to cloud, but cloud-native technology can lead to big operational gains and superior portfolio management capabilities.


The pandemic turbocharged asset manager’s needs for technology infrastructure that works from anywhere. Firms that already adopted cloud technology had a distinct advantage, as their systems and services could continue operating with minimum disruption and maximum security—just two of the benefits for cloud-native technology.


Enfusion’s cloud-native multi-tenant SaaS solution allows for improved data management, enhanced efficiency, and cost control, among other benefits. By switching to secure cloud technology like Enfusion’s, both new funds and established firms can save on legacy system costs, gain access to enormous portfolio processing power across all asset classes, and boost overall operational efficiency.


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