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See why cloud-native changes

Disparate systems, disjointed data sets, and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past. Enfusion stands up quickly, scales easily, and evolves continuously—while keeping front, middle, and back offices in perfect sync.
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Why cloud-native SaaS matters.

Most Software-as-as-Service platforms simply move on-premise software to the cloud. But Enfusion was built specifically for the cloud—which allows us to push the benefits even further.
Weekly, disruption-free updates
With Enfusion's multi-tenant architecture, any functional or system enhancements are pushed out to all clients simultaneously during weekly updates.
Turnkey data integrity
Our front-, middle-, and back-office components work from a single, unified dataset, ensuring that everyone across your organization is in sync.
Service-oriented architecture
Enfusion’s systematic API facilitates easy integration between internal components and client or third-party systems.
On-demand computing resources
Enfusion handles the scalability of your computer and storage needs, allowing you to effortlessly scale up or down as needed.
Work from anywhere
Front-, middle-, and back-office users can perform their functions and securely operate across desktop, web, and mobile user experiences.
Middle- and back-office managed services
Enfusion Managed Services lets clients outsource tasks to a dedicated team working directly in the clients' software environment, removing the risk of data transfer degradation, delay, or loss.
Front-to-back or one-by-one
While the greatest benefits (e.g., one golden dataset) arise when all components are used in concert, each of Enfusion’s modules can also be deployed individually. 

Key Features

How the best get even better.

Portfolio Management
Able to comprehensively re-balance multiple portfolios, this module generates a real-time Investment Book of Record (IBOR), features a full suite of valuation and risk tools, and allows users to aggregate or decompose portfolio data by any number of customized dimensions.
Order and Execution Management System
Connected in real time to our Portfolio Management System, Enfusion’s OEMS offers direct FIX connectivity, leading compliance technology, intelligent allocation schemes and access to 200+ executing brokers.
Enfusion Analytics lets asset managers collect live, historical, and third-party data in one central data warehouse, which can then be used to generate investment ideas or automate customized reports.
Featuring a proper double-entry general ledger, our accounting module can produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from the PMS—allowing you to maintain a complete, real-time ABOR.
Connectivity, Data, and APIs
The Enfusion platform was built to simplify the process of managing your most important connections, from FIX connectivity to streaming real-time market data to plug-and-play integration with third-party systems via API.
Systematic API for straight-through-processing of orders to brokers
Systematic API for straight-through-processing of orders to brokers
Account Management and Client Support
All clients have a dedicated in-region account manager who is backed by a global support team of deep functional experts who can solve complex issues related to platform, integration, connectivity, and more.
Middle- and back-office managed services work in same environment
Middle- and back-office managed services work in same environment


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