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A framework for the future
of investment operations.

At Enfusion, we help investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges by looking at innovation from a fundamentally unique perspective. We give them the power to see clearly—so that they can act confidently.

Built for great things.

Institutional investment managers. Hedge funds. Family offices. No matter the firm or investment strategy, all asset managers share one thing in common: a single-minded pursuit to generate maximum returns for their investors. And the driving goal behind Enfusion is to harness the power of technology to remove the operational barriers that divert asset managers’ energy away from this fundamental task.


Enfusion’s platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics. And we’ve built it specifically to run in the cloud.


Why is cloud-native multi-tenant so important? Because it makes things possible at the operational level that other Software-as-a-Service solutions simply can’t. It ensures that portfolio managers can see what the trading desk sees. It makes weekly upgrades possible. It lets clients enter new asset classes effortlessly. But perhaps most importantly of all, it means that we never stop improving.

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Our Team

We are a team of more than 1,000 collaborators in 9 offices worldwide.

Join Enfusion to help shape the global financial technology landscape. Build, manage, code, fix, create, rethink, analyze, solve, and grow. Help thousands of global financiers manage billions in assets.

Our innovation culture fosters creativity and exploration; we don’t put careers into boxes, because we wouldn’t want your thinking in one.


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Our Values

Fully invested in our clients’ success.

  • We say what we mean, and we do what we say. We are honest with our clients, colleagues, partners, and ourselves.
  • We keep our word and deliver on our promises. 
  • We put the best interests of our firm and clients ahead of ourselves. 
  • We tell the truth and deal with bad news as promptly and openly as good news.
  • We always do the right thing. And then the right things happen.
  • We always think about what’s next and win by relentlessly innovating. We never stop getting better.
  • We understand our product, take pride in our craft, and spend time doing things right and with care—no shortcuts and no compromises.
  • We never stop asking questions or learning from our clients and each other.
  • We work hard and smart. We know there is always a better way, and we don’t rest until we find it. 
  • We are obsessed with going above and beyond for our clients every day.
  • We understand our clients’ businesses better than anyone and are never afraid to ask our clients “Why?” We use that level of understanding to create products and services that continuously improve their performance.
  • We solicit, value, and listen to all our clients’ ideas and feedback. We evolve as their business evolves.
  • We solve complex problems for our clients, which is only possible when we pool our talents. 
  • We know our goals are achieved through teamwork. We recognize and prize our teammates' strengths and work together to meet challenges.
  • We leave our egos at the door and let the best ideas win.
  • We compete and win as one - One Enfusion.
  • We are collectively and individually responsible for creating value for our clients and our firm. We are both the first and the last line of defense. 
  • We don’t wait for our teammates to ask for help. We are proactive when we see an opportunity to contribute. 
  • We hold ourselves accountable and constantly raise our standards. When we see a problem, we take it on and then own the solution. 
  • We are driven by our ambition to transform our industry and lead change which fuels personal pride in our work and our brand.
  • We care deeply about our clients and each other. 
  • We are always hungry to learn more, innovate, and uphold our high standards.

Gain a clear advantage.

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