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Don't let cloudwashing
happen to you

Is your OEMS vendor forcing you to adopt
a new “cloud-based or SaaS” offering?

If you’re being forced to migrate, make sure

you’re not being cloudwashed.
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What is cloudwashing?

Cloudwashing happens when vendors move legacy software to the cloud and sell it as SaaS (Software as a Service). Legacy applications that were built on-prem and simply deployed to the cloud may limit or negate the benefits promised — such as efficiency, scalability, and resilience.

The problem with legacy software running on the cloud is that it’s still legacy software: challenges with interoperability, data integration, and inefficiency are likely to persist no matter where the software is hosted.

Don’t be fooled by false cloud claims. Get the facts on all your different options in cloud and SaaS offerings in our free buyer’s guide for investment managers for cloud-based and SaaS OEMS options.

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