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Investment Strategies

A unified platform for
any investment strategy

Enfusion gives you maximum reach across every asset class within one single investment management platform. No matter where your strategy leads you, Enfusion gives you a front-to-back solution, with best-in-class functionality backed by expert Managed Services.

Featured Strategies

Enfusion’s comprehensive asset class coverage supports any fund or style. You benefit from simplified workflows, increased operational efficiencies and improved investment decision making to accelerate performance - on a platform you can never outgrow.


Enfusion is the only investment management platform for liquid credit instruments that supports all front-to-back office functions from portfolio management to general ledger. Download credit one-pager.
Comprehensive credit instrument coverage
Trade high grade, high yield, distressed assets, syndicated loans, private loans, and structured products, alongside equities and OTC products –
all in one centralized platform.
Native support for bank debt/syndicated loans
Streamline the nuances of delayed settlement, revolvers, complex terms and conditions, covenants, and indentures associated with credit instruments, including, call schedules, sync schedules, and factor schedules.
Easy connectivity to other systems
Extend and streamline your access to Bloomberg, Tradeweb, MarketAxess, and more.
Superior portfolio management and risk analysis
Set up bespoke strategy tagging and hierarchies, with limitless options for slicing and dicing.
Seamless workflow
Bring your entire team together around a single dataset with real-time views of P&L.
Expert Account and Managed Services teams
Work with resources who know your strategy and workflows and can handle time-consuming tasks on your behalf.

Global Macro

We built Enfusion from the ground up to handle multiple asset classes, enabling multiple currencies, interest rates, and stock index trading strategies, all in one centralized platform. Download the global macro one-pager.
A single and flexible security master
Stay nimble across the entire asset lifecycle with equities, bonds, listed derivatives, FX, interest rate and credit products, commodities, OTC swaptions, volatility products, and more.
Connectivity and API
Access, reuse, and repurpose data in real-time via Enfusion’s open architecture, partner connections, feeds, and pre-built APIs.
Synchronized books of record
Keep on top of your liquidity and position weights up-to-the-minute with automatically synchronized books of record that reflect trading activity or changes in prices/fair value.
Efficient and automated workflows
Integrate your entire team across multiple prime brokers, execution venues, trading platforms, accounting systems, and more.
Risk and valuation
Flexible, customizable risk and valuation features help you navigate changing economic conditions across your entire portfolio.
From complexity to trust
Automate compliance with pre-built and customizable rule sets, real-time and role-based alerts, and exception management.
Shift and adjust course with changing market conditions
Whether your strategy is discretionary or situational, you get pricing and valuations for complex nuances across regions, countries, and asset classes.

Long/Short Equity

Enfusion helps you reach full potential in your equities investment strategy by unifying your front, middle, and back office.
Ready to scale
Keep in sync and expand easily with one single, unified dataset.
The power of the grid
Generate orders and modify position sizes in shares, basis points, or exposures with one click.
Real-time analysis
Analyze risk factors and accurately hedge different exposures across asset classes, funds, accounts, and positions.
Built for efficiency
Automate workflows from pre- and post-trade compliance to risk analysis to accounting.
Customized reporting
Create customized reports of positions, cash, and more, based on a single source of underlying data.
Focus regained
Use Enfusion Managed Services to handle time-consuming middle- and back-office tasks.

Emerging Markets

For global investing in emerging or frontier markets, Enfusion enables seamless trading across currencies and jurisdictions. Download the emerging markets one-pager.
Security master with global coverage
Handle equities, bonds, and other instruments in emerging and frontier markets throughout the trading lifecycle with a single dataset.
Optimized for equity swaps
Streamline your workflow for trading and managing swap agreements, trade finance, and market fees.
Manage liquidity risks
Monitor real-time risk and position liquidity by tracking volume, trading periods, or terms and conditions.
Fully integrated experience
Stay focused and take action with integrated access to market data, corporate actions, and counterparties.
Out-of-the-box readiness
Shorten your implementation or migration time with a product built from the ground up to support multiple asset types and markets.
Round-the-clock support
Get immediate access to customer assistance around the clock–no matter where in the world you need it.

Event Driven

Enfusion streamlines event-driven trading with full transparency of Corporate Actions alongside portfolio tools, event-related risk analytics, and seamless trading across the capital market structure. Download the event-driven trading one-pager.
Robust trade execution for Corporate Actions
View and respond to pending and completed actions and process them end-to-end without leaving your core investment management platform.
Native multi-asset coverage
Trade across the capital structure, including bank loans, and take advantage of fluctuations before or after a material event.
Limitless strategy tagging
Create as many nested keywords as you need to support your approach to sectors, markets, event types, and dates.
Straightforward pairs trading
Stay agile with long/short pairs that capture the opportunities you want to leverage.
Flexible data, reporting, and risk features
Use a platform tailored to your workflows and preferences for seeing data and getting actionable insights for pricing, merger arbitrage, special situations, and more.
Support and expertise
Get immediate access to experienced customer assistance with dedicated teams who know your strategy, workflow, and data needs


Our flexible, extensible security master

Enfusion adjusts to accommodate you, no matter how you trade. You can benefit from Enfusion’s single platform approach to your entire portfolio. Contact us to find out more.
Long/Short Equity
Event Driven
Equity Hybrid
Global Macro
Private Credit
Emerging Markets
Relative Value
And more

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