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Find out how 56 asset managers across multiple geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies are managing their data sets, systems, and hosting decisions.

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We ignite growth for investment firms

Enfusion delivers shared insight and consistent control for global capital markets.  Our cloud-based investment management software and analytics platform breaks information boundaries, uniting front, middle and back office in one system. We create enterprise-wide cultures of data-driven intelligence, boosting agility, powering growth and rationalizing resources.


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Our solutions


Connect investment and operational decision making in one cloud-based system.


Streamline and simplify your operations. Harness our people to power your process.


Bring perspective to your process. Leverage data to tell the story.



Discover how asset managers across geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies are managing their data sets, systems, and hosting decisions.

Discover how asset managers across geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies are managing their data sets, systems, and hosting decisions.

Maximize data visibility

We speak just one language

Simple as that. Enfusion is built on one dataset. We connect front, middle and back office in one integrated system, one view and one language. Our cloud-based system is not seamless, it’s seam-free, minimizing error and maximizing visibility.

The software to fuel today, the people to navigate tomorrow,
and the data and analytics that define the future.


We build strategic partnerships

Enfusion is built to evolve with the markets. Our clients evolve to build the markets.

From multi asset coverage and weekly updates to rapid innovation and development, we help you adapt and scale.


We cross boundaries between front, middle and back office.
The difference between a point of view and a viewpoint.


Transparency for you and your investors

Enfusion is the one place to see the totality of your portfolio accurately in real-time. From full shadow nav to transparent investor communications, deploy our software to stay in control.

It’s a Mind Set

Fueled by
our clients

Enfusion is powered by an exceptional set of minds: our clients.

Our multi-tenant model means that we stay in pace with the best and the brightest in the industry by turning their ideas into system enhancements.

1,200 client ideas became system features in the last year.
The difference between having an opinion and having input.

Strength in numbers

Why our clients choose us



More than 2,000 people are actively using Enfusion software every day.



Over 4,000 funds are actively managed on Enfusion software.



Our client retention rate amongst open funds is 99.8%.

Stay current

Our software updates
every week.

That’s 52 updates a year. We make thousands of enhancements based on our clients’ ideas. And hundreds of agile technology team members ensure they happen intelligently and cohesively.

Countdown to our next release:

 Enfusion software releases
since we launched in 2006.

Our Team

A dedicated team
of 400 experts

Customer support, development, data scientists, customer success, technical support, data security, training, implementation, human resources…

About Us

We scale with you

Enfusion is my real-time snap view of everything. I know how fast we’re going. I know when we’re running out of gas. I know when it’s time for a check-up.

Multi Strategy, NYC,
AUM $2.5b

Strength in our numbers

We grow every day


Technology staff

Increase in our technology and developer headcount in the last 3 years.


Customer support staff

Increase in implementation and customer support staff in the last 3 years.


R&D spend

Year over year increased spend on research & development.