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When AIIM launched in April of 2022, they wanted a platform that would help them be efficient from day one. AIIM trades in a large number of markets globally. In addition, they needed to customize alerts and automate critical pre- and post-trade compliance checks and reports as regulatory reporting requirements vary in different jurisdictions.

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Michelle Lim
Partner and COO
AIIM Investment Management
Hong Kong

Enfusion’s pre- and post-trade compliance features are essential because we trade extensively in many markets. We can meet reporting threshold requirements in Europe as well as other requirements for jurisdictions in Asia.

AIIM benefits from Enfusion’s ability to create customized reports based on the same underlying data. Having a single view of the portfolio improves coordination between the CIO, trader, and the back office. Enfusion's various custom portfolio views enhance efficiency so that the firm can track its cash in its various prime broker accounts and monitor movements in and out of money market funds to realize greater cash yield. “Everyone is able to get an immediate view of the portfolio in different ways, shapes, and forms depending on how they want to use the information,” Lim added.

Having all our information across our different counterparties across the entire portfolio in one place is super helpful for everyone from the back office to our trader to our CIO. Straight-through workflow in Enfusion helps us increase efficiency, save costs, and keep an eye on making the best use of our cash on hand… I don’t think you’d find another product on the street that has such complete functionality.

Enfusion is uniquely suited for a frequent scenario among funds in Asia—the heavy use of swaps. Cost and time savings with real time stock locates has also been an additional benefit for AIIM. Instead of reaching out to brokers one by one, Enfusion provides automatic connectivity with the firm’s various prime brokers to deliver quick information on pricing and availability. 

AIIM can easily cover multiple financing arrangements and meet regulatory requirements in various markets. Using automated pre-compliance rules allows them to ensure they are trading on swap in markets where trading on swap brings advantages, while trading in cash in others. Such multi-regional reach has been essential to their growth and success since launching.

Enfusion has a very global footprint. It has a big advantage because funds in Asia trade a lot more on swap. So, you need to be able to accrue income and expenses on an automated basis. But more importantly, you also need to be able to set things up correctly because all your counterparties do swaps, resets, and interest calculations a little bit differently. Because Enfusion has worked with many prime brokers, you get everything set up the way that you need it from day one. The customization lets us trade on swap and cash in the markets where we want to.



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