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Jebsen Capital expands with Enfusion’s broad asset coverage

Learn how Jebsen Capital utilized Enfusion as a single source of truth for their entire portfolio and achieved multi-asset class expansion.

As Jebsen Capital expanded from fixed income investing into equities, FX, and alternative asset classes, their trading processes became increasingly complex. They saw the opportunity to bring trading in-house and transition into a custodian and prime brokerage model. But, their aspirations also meant institutionalizing their trading and operational processes beyond anything they had done before.

Jebsen Capital turned to Enfusion for its all-in-one investment management platform embedded with institutional-grade capabilities, such as an integrated general ledger and tools to automate and streamline operational processes. Enfusion’s flexible architecture aligned with Jebsen Capital’s multi-asset class expansion and could adapt quickly to evolving market conditions. With Enfusion, Jebsen Capital achieved lower execution fees, saw accurate and real-time P&L, and streamlined and automated processes to help them focus on higher-value activities.

Enfusion also stood out with its front-to-back support and single golden data set underlying everything from the PMS to accounting. Multi-asset class support and embedded tools for portfolio accounting and risk management made the choice clear. “We looked at several PMS/OMS solutions and, ultimately, chose Enfusion,” said Alan Tse, General Manager, Jebsen Capital.

Alan Tse
General Manager
Jebsen Capital
Hong Kong

We utilize Enfusion as our source of truth for our entire portfolio and have fewer reconciliation errors.

Jebsen Capital also engaged Enfusion Managed Services to handle time-consuming middle-office tasks such as resolving trade breaks. Enfusion Managed Services works directly within Jebsen Capital’s Enfusion environment, avoiding the risks of different data platforms. With an outsourced team that understands their assets and trading strategy, Jebsen Capital can dedicate more time to focus on high-value work.

Jebsen Capital achieves a similar degree of efficiency from the advantages of Enfusion’s approach to data. For example, they previously tracked daily cash movement by aggregating figures from bank statements and external data sources and manually entering them into Excel. Now, this data lives in Enfusion, where trading and reconciliation data is stored in a single repository.

If you run a multi-asset portfolio, Enfusion is a perfect fit.

Enfusion’s ability to automate performance attribution and accounting also decreased the burden of manually reviewing and cross-checking spreadsheets for month-end accounting purposes. Before using Enfusion, closing financials each month was unpredictable. It took the finance team between three and five days for the old manual process, often with delays. “Now, we manage to close out both exactly on the last day of each month. So Enfusion saves a lot of work for our team,” Tse said.

Data velocity has been an additional benefit for Jebsen Capital. Real-time connectivity with third-party platforms, such as Oracle’s accounting platform and FactSet, are made possible by Enfusion’s flexible architecture. They eliminated the need to extract and load data between front- and back-office systems. For example, the FactSet integration allowed Jebsen Capital to keep its performance attribution risk model intact. With direct access to their risk data, Tse’s operations team can seamlessly understand how decisions such as security selection, group allocation, and currency tilts may have affected performance results.

“Enfusion is very flexible. From interacting with your team and using the system, it’s highly customizable and very friendly for multi-asset portfolios like ours,” Tse said. “Enfusion resources have saved us a lot of time and effort with trade matching and the reconciliation of positions. We want our team to focus on more value-adding activities or our portfolio than doing things like trade matching.”

A single source of truth and an expert team handling operational workflows gives Jebsen Capital something invaluable — the ability to evolve and grow without technical constraints.



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