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The future of trade settlement:
Insights from our T+1 Webinar

The financial industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation with the upcoming shift to a T+1 settlement cycle for most broker-dealer securities transactions in the United States. To navigate this change, our recent webinar, “Navigating the future of trade settlement: maximizing efficiency in a T+1 environment,” provided a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for financial institutions and hedge funds.

Why You Should Watch the Recording:

  • Expert Insights: During the webinar, industry experts Leila Sardesai and Connor Rusnak provided valuable insights into regulatory changes and their implications, as well as their expertise in areas such as trade affirmations, reconciliation, and corporate actions.
  • Operational Strategies: Discover strategies and technologies that can streamline your operations in preparation for T+1 and potential shifts to T+0.
  • Enfusion’s Role: Learn how Enfusion is poised to assist clients through this transition with innovative services and solutions.
  • Real Success Stories: Hear about the tangible benefits other clients have experienced by adopting Enfusion’s solutions.
  • Interactive Q&A: The recording includes an engaging Q&A session where pressing questions from participants were addressed.

Featured Speakers

Leila Sardesai

Associate Vice President, Managed Services Product


Connor Rusnak

Executive Director, Client Services


Brad Flax

Head of Sales, Americas


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