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Enfusion simplifies investment management operations by uniting front-, middle- and back-office functions under a single SaaS platform built on a shared golden data set.

Evolution is a constant for fund managers, particularly in today's uncertain investment climate. Don't let your technology or operating model hold you back.

Built for unmatched flexibility and agility, the Enfusion platform gives you the freedom to scale up or down as needed while its global, multi-asset front-to-back functionality gives you the flexibility and freedom to grow and evolve.

Key Features

The Enfusion framework

How can asset managers nimbly pursue new opportunities without associated operational and IT hurdles? With Enfusion: a cloud-native, front-to-back platform that lets you access best-in-class functionality across asset classes and geographies while dramatically streamlining operations.
Portfolio Management
Able to comprehensively re-balance multiple portfolios, this module generates a real-time Investment Book of Record (IBOR), features a full suite of valuation and risk tools, and allows users to aggregate or decompose portfolio data by any number of customized dimensions.
Order and Execution Management
Connected in real time to our Portfolio Management System, Enfusion’s OEMS offers direct FIX connectivity, leading compliance technology, intelligent allocation schemes and access to 200+ executing brokers.
Enfusion Analytics lets asset managers collect live, historical, and third-party data in one central data warehouse, which can then be used to generate investment ideas or automate customized reports.
Featuring a proper double-entry general ledger, our accounting module can produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from the PMS—allowing you to maintain a complete, real-time ABOR.
Connectivity, Data, and APIs
The Enfusion platform was built to simplify the process of managing your most important connections, from FIX connectivity to streaming real-time market data to plug-and-play integration with third-party systems via API.
Managed Services
Working in the exact same environment as our clients, our teams consist of platform “power-users” with investment management industry expertise across reconciliations, trade processing, tax lot management, shadow accounting, and more.

Key Benefits

Front-to-back workflow
As one framework, Enfusion removes unnecessary steps so that clients can keep pace with everything they do from portfolio management and risk to orders/execution and accounting. Everything resides on one single, common data set, ensuring that everyone across the client’s organization and service providers is in sync.
Streamlining credit and loan support
Enfusion is a framework for investment management operations that supports investment managers across all asset classes, with industry-leading support for a wide range of credit instruments. Clients can trade investment grade, high-yield, and distressed products like bank debt, private loans, and structured products, alongside equities, derivatives, swaps, and OTC products—all in one centralized platform.
Asset-class expertise
Enfusion Managed Services teams efficiently, consistently, and accurately take on costly, time-consuming middle- and back-office tasks. Dedicated teams with investment management experience and credentials can take on clients’ post-trade processing, reconciliations, corporate actions processing, asset servicing, agent notice ingestion, treasury management, report creation, and more.
Built in the cloud
Unlike many investment management platforms, Enfusion has always been cloud-native. By lowering IT overhead, Enfusion lowers cost and complexity so managers can focus on running their business. It offers easy, standardized connectivity with counterparties, service providers, market data, and the broader investment ecosystem. Its modular design allows firms to choose the most suitable components without abandoning other tools or redesigning processes.
Updates without upgrades
Enfusion deploys continuous updates that give clients access to the latest functionality without messy, complex upgrades. Rigorously tested weekly feature enhancements are based on the collective wisdom of our product team and global clients. Each client’s customized logic remains in place.

"It allows us to focus on managing money

and supporting business development, and

not having to do in-house all the necessary

yet important operational matters."

- James Abate, Centre Asset Management

Client Story: Livello Capital

Enfusion’s flexible technology unlocks efficiency

Client Story: Centre Asset Management

Centre uses Enfusion to take everything but alpha out of the equation

Client Story: CastleKnight Management

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