January 12, 2021 | Best Practices

Integrated, Front-to-Back Software Keeps a Lid on Risk

You may be worried that your legacy technology solution isn’t keeping up with regulatory requirements, setting your portfolio up for undue risk.

But there is a way to get ahead of potential problems: A cloud-based front-to-back platform can give you a real-time view of your firm-wide activities. And, as you grow, you won’t be limited or held back by lack of robust risk management protocols.

Real-Time Reporting Prevents Regulatory Issues

To get ahead of regulatory issues, your software should be able to help you preempt compliance risks. 

One of the best forms of prevention is timely information. An integrated platform with real-time, customizable notifications enables you to quickly identify and address potential problems.

Let’s say you have a time-sensitive trade idea. Having accurate exposure and regulatory calculations at your fingertips could be the difference between taking advantage of a profitable opportunity, or watching helplessly as market conditions deteriorate right before your eyes.

Consider Enfusion’s compliance engine, which ensures real-time, pre-trade and post-trade monitoring, with hundreds of pre-populated and customizable rules covering all instruments, regions, restricted issuers, UCITS, and 40 Act funds. 

Our pre-and-post-trade compliance integrates with order/execution, portfolio management and general ledger.

The regulatory environment is, of course, dynamic, so a crucial consideration is whether your software is equipped to handle regulatory changes. 

When geopolitical uncertainty arises, the risk is particularly pertinent, as regulators are constantly recalibrating jurisdictional rules and regulations. Thus, it’s paramount to implement a solution that has an agile compliance engine, so that when the regulatory environment evolves, you won’t be forced to shop for a new platform or deal with the accompanying headaches.

Don’t Let Risk Stand in the Way of Expansion

External developments, such as regulatory changes, aren’t the only development that could force you to shop for a new platform. If you decide to enter new markets, your current platform will, ideally, be well-suited to evolve with you.

An agile all-in-one platform can seamlessly integrate all of your workflows and processes, making it a breeze to track and monitor your P&L. With straight through processing to third parties (Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers, Executing Brokers) it’s easy to transmit information to those outside of your walls.

The alternative, should you try to combine a number of good-but-not-great, such as disparate or even frankensteined-together solutions, may not be a pretty one. Often, you may be pushed toward an operating procedure filled with manual workarounds. This ends up being time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors, and will only stymie potential plans for expansion.

Enfusion’s All-In-One Platform Alleviates Risk Concerns

Making your day-to-day operations more efficient is a significant benefit on its own, but integrated software can also give prospective investors the confidence to invest in your fund. 

Sleep soundly with the confidence in your abilities to mitigate both regulatory and growth risks with an integrated, real-time software that is well capable for the task. 

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