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Everysk Partners with Enfusion to Enhance Automated Client Workflows


July 12, 2023

NEW YORK / LONDON / HONG KONG -- Everysk Technologies, Inc., an intelligent automation platform specializing in no-code, low-code workflows, has announced a new partnership with Enfusion, Inc. ("Enfusion") (NYSE: ENFN), a leading provider of cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for investment managers.

Everysk’s automated investment workforce platform provides powerful workflows to Enfusion’s clients that meet their diverse and unique requirements, greatly extending the functionality and use cases available through the Enfusion platform. Everysk's workflows can be quickly customized and deployed, connected to Enfusion via API, and provide additional analysis and compliance checks on trades.

For instance, time-consuming compliance tasks can now be fully automated, including workflows for 18f-4 and UCITS regulatory compliance, margin optimization for delta one certificates, and pre-trade compliance for European and North American funds.

"We see Everysk as an extension of Enfusion, and this partnership presents a significant opportunity for us to enhance our ability to meet our clients' bespoke needs without the burden of custom development," said Enfusion’s Americas Head of Partners and Alliances, Labib Mahfouz. "Their automated workflows provide a flexible and efficient solution for extending the functionality of our platform, and we are excited to formalize this partnership to refer them to our clients."

In addition to automations that enhance compliance, the partnership gives clients the flexibility to launch risk-reporting and model-rebalancing workflows that save operational time and expense while delivering powerful insights.

"We are thrilled to partner with Enfusion and help them expand the automation capabilities of their platform," said Phil Davis, Head of Sales & Marketing, Everysk. "Our automated workflows provide a powerful and efficient solution for Enfusion’s clients to extend the functionality of their platform without the need for extensive development efforts. We look forward to working closely with Enfusion and its clients to deliver automation solutions that meet their unique requirements."

About Everysk

Everysk is an intelligent automation & analytics provider offering no-code, low-code workflows for trading solutions. Its innovative platform allows financial institutions to quickly and easily create and deploy custom workflows that extend the functionality of their trading systems without the need for extensive development efforts. Everysk's solutions are designed to be flexible, efficient, and customizable, helping firms meet their unique requirements with ease.

About Enfusion

Enfusion's investment management software-as-a-service platform removes traditional information boundaries, uniting front-, middle- and back-office teams on one cloud-native system. Through its software, analytics, and middle/back-office managed services, Enfusion creates enterprise-wide cultures of real-time, data-driven intelligence, boosting agility and powering growth. Enfusion partners with over 800 investment managers from 10 global offices spanning four continents. Enfusion Connect, Enfusion's global partner network, provides access to a broad community of industry-leading organizations, offering clients a global ecosystem of connectivity, interoperability, and service tailored to their needs.


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