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Women’s History Month: Madhuri Tambe


Madhuri Tambe

Vice President, HR Business Partner


The following interview was conducted as part of a series for Women's History Month, featuring various women employees at Enfusion.

Q: What makes Enfusion a great workplace for women?

A: In my experience Enfusion has created an inclusive and supportive work environment where women can thrive and contribute towards the organization success. We have inclusive policies and practices, professional development opportunities and supportive leadership who champion gender diversity and actively promote the advancement and development of women at Enfusion.

Q: How can allies better support women in the workplace? What impact do you think allyship can have on women’s advancement?

A: Allies have a huge impact on helping women succeed in their careers. Allyship can help women build their network, celebrate other women's success and use their privilege and influence to amplify the voices of women, and advocate for policy changes that support women's advancement.

Q: Who is a female leader you admire? What qualities do they have? that you aspire to possess?

A: I am a huge admirer of Angela Markel (Former Chancellor of Germany and a Global Leader). Some of her qualities that inspire me (apart from her strong and steady leadership) are her commitment to inclusivity and diversity advocating the rights of marginalized groups, resilience and determination in overcoming challenges and setbacks and most importantly exhibiting empathy and compassion towards others, particularly during her interactions with individuals affected by crisis or hardships.

Q: What advice do you have for younger women entering the workforce?

A: Unlock your potential - evolve, embrace transformation and enjoy!

Q: What are the qualities you feel make an inspiring female leader?

A: In my mind what makes a great leader is someone who is able to empower and get the best out of people. To me an inspiring female leader is someone who helps foster collaboration and steers their team towards success.



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