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Enfusion’s “Hedge Fund in a Box” approach

Enfusion ensured a smooth, fast first-time fund launch for Force Hill.

Force Hill Capital Management LP was able to launch its first fund quickly and gain the confidence of the street by using Enfusion.  The robust flexibility of the Enfusion platform allowed Force Hill to make rapid decisions and act on its investment strategy, giving its small team the operational reach of a much bigger firm. Having a single view of the truth from front-to-back office has had a significant impact on its ability to run and grow the business.

Newly-founded hedge fund Force Hill Capital Management wanted to launch its first fund within a matter of months. Its small team of investment and finance experts wanted to get up and running quickly with minimal operational overhead while avoiding complex and costly infrastructure decisions.

By choosing Enfusion, we wanted to send a message to the street that we were institutionalized from the very beginning.

Force Hill’s Portfolio Manager planned to run a tight book with low net exposures, making frequent trades, upwards of 50 per day.  Enfusion’s quick and transparent trade execution was paramount.  While trading was not driven by quant algorithms, he needed a solution that could work almost like a direct line from his brain to the market.  The ability to generate orders allowed him to accomplish exactly that.

For Force Hill’s CFO,  built-in pre-trade compliance features to meet Rule 105 requirements and having a single trusted and integrated view of data from Portfolio Management all the way back to General Ledger allows the firm to run lean while still remaining robust and sound.

Everything we need in one system. At the end of the day,  Enfusion allows us to maintain an operational process that is integrated, easy, and efficient.

Despite Force Hill’s complex business needs and a desire to have custom views and reports to conduct business in the specific way it wanted,  Enfusion was able to get them up and running within nine weeks.  Force Hill has grown its  AUM by over 50% since launching a little over one year ago.

Benefits and ROI
    General Ledger capabilities

    With full IBOR and ABOR, Force Hill can conduct its accounting activities with fewer steps and no workarounds.

    Enfusion’s front-to-back platform is a perfect fit for Force Hill’s dynamic, risk-sensitive strategy and desire to respond to changing market conditions in nearly real-time, with:



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